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Four paws cable-laying

That story did not happen to me, but to a friend of mine. A few days ago, by Skype he shared with me one most amazing experience. He is an IT-administrator in a small Programming Company in Charlotte, NC. So, right now I am going to tell you the story in the first person:

“One day I had an urgent need to lay four dozen of twisted pair cables at a distance of one hundred meters. Most of the distance was held over the false ceiling at a height of three meters. Realizing that work in a reasonable time frame is unbearable for me alone, I began to torment my boss on the subject of attracting third-party installers, and he reluctantly agreed. I have developed terms of reference, sent them to different offices and waited.

One of the proposals stood out from the crowd. The boys claimed that they will do the work in just one day, and three times cheaper than any other of their competition! Just in case, I called back and they again said, that they really understand the task. The speed and low cost they offered, was because they use a cable layer. I was intrigued – my dad had to deal a lot with the cable-laying in the army and I was wondering how this device can be adapted to the laying of twisted pair under false ceiling.

On the appointed day just two installers arrived with ladders and tools. Watching the process of unloading, I was looking forward to a miracle machine that can automate the process. Finally a medium-sized dachshund was unloaded out of the van. Before I had time to wonder about the appearance of the animal, I was told that this is the mysterious cable layer.dachshund cable-layer

Included with the dachshund was a special suit with a handle along the back for carrying, a helmet on the head with LED flashlight and a harness. Cable management was carried out by attaching it to the harness and running the dachshund in remote places. This well trained animal smartly raced to the sound of voices or the light of a lantern, dragging the wire. The ceiling could withstand the dog, the power of this “tool” is enough for fifty meters.

Laying speed in long and hard to reach areas was simply fantastic. The dachshund playfully ran in one direction over the top and back through the hallway, scaring the female part of the staff. Even a small emergency in the form of fallen ceiling panels did not affected the dog’s mood: Stretched cable played the lead role of the tether and the dog slowly sank to the floor. The guys said that their little helper has already got used to such situations .

Laughter with laughter, but dachshund quite seriously was on the guy’s company balance sheet – I have been shown the documents. Friendly staff really performed their work in less than a day, and without unwinding the cable and respectively without trimmings. However, the work of our office stopped completely – all the people came running to see the work of the cable layer.”


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