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Advantages of Becoming a Tutor

Different people might have different motivation for entering the private tutoring world. Here I will expose some of the benefits of tutoring that are considered most important.

Free schedule. This is perhaps the main advantage of becoming a Tutor. There will be more time to pay attention to your family. You will be able to go on vacation whenever  you want, even 2 or 3 times a year and not when the boss lets you go. Life will stop just passing by. You will have enough time for reading, self-development, rest and for household chores.

Good sleep. Especially Owl-type (those, who goes to sleep late and wakes up late) persons will understand me. Doctors have found out that this behavior can not be cured, but nevertheless, the world continues living according to the early bird schedule.

No transport problems. For those who live in big cities, there is an advantage of avoiding trips in public transport, which looks more like a race to the bottom. But of course it applies if you invite students to your home. But even if you are a visiting Tutor, you can compose a special itinerary in order to avoid the rush hour.

Healthy lifestyle. You can always have a home-cooked meal, not just a cold snack or a sandwich. Eating at home is a significant savings. Your budget will thank you.

Tutor can choose a student. So the stress can be minimized. There is no such option in school (University, Collage, Institute). You cannot say to a bad behaved student: "That’s it! I will teach you no more!" And if you are a Tutor - you are free to decide.

Your income will depend only on you. Tutoring is a very well paid job, depending on your experience, professionalism and the ability to promote your services (for example placing your profile in a popular and specialized site)

Tutor chooses methods and learning style himself. There is no need to adjust to the school or collage program.

No Boss. Tutor’s job is an individual work. No comments needed, I think. This advantage is a great relief.

The economical crisis will not scare you anymore. Tutoring is always in demand. Especially now when  educational requirements in Schools, Collage and Universities became more strict - now is a golden age for Tutors.

In a career of a Tutor, the age is an advantage, not a heavy burden. Since it means experience and quality in the educational process.

There are many more good reasons, I would kindly appreciate if you add some in the comments.


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